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Episode 1 Review of Mujhe Jeenay Do, Pakistani Drama, A Strong Beginning

Written by Sohail

Episode 1 Review of Mujhe Jeenay Do, Pakistani Drama, A Strong Beginning

Writer: Shahid Nizami
Director: Angeline Malik
Producers: Angelic Films & Center for Communication Programs Pakistan
Schedule: Urdu 1 Every Monday at 8pm

I strongly believe that we simply cannot have enough dramas which highlight social issues and cause awareness among the masses regarding those evil practices which are rampant in some areas of our country and are accepted as normal. When such practices are so common and are endorsed by the community then sometimes the line between what’s right and what’s wrong gets blurred. This is the exactly the reason why mainstream media can play a major role in reminding the public that no matter how widely rampant an unjust practice is, it cannot possibly be accepted as the right course of action. Also, most importantly people like us who are fortunate enough to live in an environment which is completely different from the one shown in these dramas, get an insight into the problems faced by people (in this case especially women) who are living under such circumstances. Since dramas do not only give information but also have a story to tell therefore the viewers find it easier to relate to the sufferings of the characters. It is great to see our writers, directors, actors, producers and channels taking this initiative with the help of NGOs which are already doing a great deal to help the victims.

This first episode of Mujhe Jeenay Do started with a wedding and ended with a funeral. In between the viewers were introduced to the main characters and tracks. Just like drama serial Sammi, this one too does not deal solely with one issue. Although the main subject of the drama is child marriage but different tracks in the story represent the struggles of women and even children on a different level. Malik Shehbaz represents the feudal system and how these feudals exercise power over their “subjects”. Shaheena (Mehreen Raheal) symbolizes all those women who are constantly abused by their husbands both physically and mentally but they always go back to them because they have accepted the treatment meted out to them as their fate. Bushra represented one of those women who do not get proper access to the kind of medical care needed at the time of pregnancy and as a result end up losing their lives. Even though Naseeb (Goher Rasheed) loved his wife and did whatever he thought he needed to do to look after her, he wasn’t informed enough to know that Bushra needed medical help from a professional. Bushra’s father (Salman Shahid) dialogues when he was talking to the midwife showed that taking women to the hospital wasn’t considered as a normal practice. Bushra was taken to the hospital only when it was too late and there was no other choice. Muhammadu (Sarmad Sultan Khoosat) and Murad (Ali Tahir) represent those men who are convinced that women are their property and they can treat them any way they want.

This episode also showed how most women living in such areas fail to look after themselves. This first episode clearly gave the message that it was vital for women to take care of their own health and also protect themselves. Yasmin’s (Nadia Jamil) character is like Aalyan’s character in drama serial Sammi, she is the only one who is educated and she does whatever she can to help these women. Nadia Jamil chose the perfect project to make a comeback especially because this character is probably more in line with her actual personality as well. She is always raising her voice and taking practical initiatives to help people who are less fortunate especially children therefore Yasmin’s concern and love for all the people she was shown caring for was translated on screen effortlessly by her. The child star playing the role of Saira was beyond impressive in this first episode. I remember watching her in one of the episodes of KGBH and I am glad she was chosen to play this role.

This first episode was fast-paced and impactful. It also had some impressive performances to its credit. Mehreen Raheal and Nadia Jamil’s comeback is remarkable. Mehreen Raheal’s outlook and accent was right on point although I believe this is the first time that she has chosen to play such a role. The first episode of Mujhe Jeenay Do started and ended on a high note. The variety of characters and tracks promises a journey which will have tons to offer. The fact that this drama has at least one strong female lead makes it even more appealing. I am looking forward to what Mujhe Jeenay Do has in store for the viewers.

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