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Episode 7 Review of Ghairat, Pakistani Drama, Absolutely Thrilling

Written by Sohail

Episode 7 Review of Ghairat, Pakistani Drama, Absolutely Thrilling

Tonight’s episode of Ghairat was not just entertaining but it was also thrilling. It was the kind of episode which keeps you at the edge of your seat right till the end.Iqra Aziz, Syed Jibran and Saman Ansari outdid themselves in this episode. They have translated their respective characters impeccably on screen. Syed Jibran has played a few negative roles in the recent past too but his performance in this play is so faultless that he makes you forget every other role he has ever played. Saman Ansari is also a versatile actress who never ceases to impress the viewers. She was exceptional as the subservient wife in Sammi and here she is equally convincing as the cold-hearted sister in law. Iqra Aziz’s acting has been brilliant throughout, she makes you feel for her character every step of the way. The director Ahmed Bhatti has done complete justice to a script which keeps on giving you something to look forward to every week.

It is truly impressive the manner in which the writer and the director have presented the mindset behind honor killings and subjugation of women. Usman and all those people around him who give him their unconditional support are so convinced that they are entitled to do whatever they want to in order to dictate their terms and conditions to the women they want to suppress. I am dead against showing violence against women in dramas unnecessarily but in this case I am actually happy that the writer and the director did not hold back. The way Usman manhandles all the women including his own mother and Khala makes his character even more convincing. A murderer would surely not think twice before ill-treating a woman who stands in his way. I feel that after a long time we are getting to see a realistic portrayal of such a man since he is being presented as a monster and there is no sensitive side to his personality. He is completely devoid of feelings and his twisted beliefs are so deeply ingrained in his mind that he no longer has the sense to differentiate between what’s right and what is wrong. I absolutely love Saba’s character as well, even though her situation is grim but she keeps on trying to change her circumstances. Her strengths and weaknesses have been shown so convincingly and effortlessly.

Saba’s mother’s helplessness is also another part of this drama which is quite realistic. She knows that she should be doing something to help her daughter but she does not have the courage to do anything practically. Someone who has lived in such a suffocating environment all her life would naturally find it difficult to break these barriers. She was shown praying to Allah and worrying about her daughter which showed that she was not like all those other people who failed to see Saba as a living and breathing human being. I absolutely loved the flashback scenes in this episode because they were used so effectively. Very often while watching dramas the viewers have trouble connecting to the characters because they don’t really know what is going through a character’s mind especially while taking an extreme step. These flashback scenes helped the viewers understand why Saba took such an extreme step and how she managed to muster up the courage to do something which could put her life in danger.

Ghairat is turning out to be one of the most entertaining shows on air right now. It is attention-grabbing and impactful. I have to say that after watching this episode, I am completely sold.

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