Ajwain for Weight Loss in Urdu (Complete Guide)

Ajwain for Weight Loss in Urdu (Complete Guide)
Written by Sohail

Ajwain for Weight Loss (Complete Guide)

Ajwain for Weight Loss in Urdu (Complete Guide)

Ajwain is widely used around the Globe for many health benefits such as for indigestion, improving digestion during pregnancy, cough, and asthma, reducing rheumatic pain, effective remedy for acidity and many others…

You can also use Ajwain for weight loss due to its effect on boosting digestion system when you are eating high calories food it will surely help you in digesting those meals instead of waiting for that food to change into fats.

Ajwain for Weight Loss in Urdu (Audio):

Most of the people suggest that Ajwain is not a solution for losing weight because it has the ability to change your digestion system speed and increase hunger but if you can use ajwain in right amount for right purpose then you can easily get most out of it here’s how….

We all want’s to lose weight without doing any hard exercise session or leaving our favorite foods that you are easily able to perform while using ajwain for weight loss, In other weight loss plans you have to shift your diet to natural foods like vegetables and fruits which are obviously low calories food and very easy to digest without doing any exercise.

But, When you are using ajwain and eating your special meal plan but doing small exercise session at the end or starting of the day you could surely lose extra calories because ajwain boosts your metabolism in a way that if you do some physical activities it’s effect must be double and you are not just digesting your favorite foods but also losing extra calories you have gained before, In this way you could get the maximum ajwain benefits for weight loss.

How to USE Ajwain for Weight Loss?

There are 2 methods of using ajwain for weight loss, the First one is chewing one tea spoon of Ajwain at morning and the second one is making special ajwain water recipe if you are a taste-conscious as it’s taste is sharp and pungent.

Ajwain Water for Weight Loss Method:

1: Take Half Litre water and boil it.

2: Add 2 spoons of Ajwain seeds in it and allow Boiling (must be on a low flame).

3: Wait until it’s color start changing or you sense it’s smell.

4: After boiling Allow it to cool and take 2,3 sips daily at morning or evening.

If you are drinking Ajwain water at the start of your day it will surely boost your metabolism in a way that you will digest meals easily with your physical activities whether you are in your office or university.

As I have already mentioned that you can also chew a teaspoon of Ajwain before taking your breakfast, It will also have the same effect and helps you in digestion by boosting your metabolism.

Start a Little Cardio Exercise Session:

When you are using Ajwain for weight loss it never means that it will do the Job completely it only helps you in digesting your food but if you wants to burn your old calories that you have gained by eating fast foods or special foods cooked at your home, you have to push your body to lose some extra calories by start a cardio exercise.

There are many cardio exercises including running, walking, jogging, swimming, rope jumping, You just have to select one that interests you more and start a small exercise session for 15-20 minutes daily at morning or your suitable time, It will use your boosted metabolism for losing more weight than usual.

Start with a Little cardio exercise session and increase the time slightly and in this way you can easily achieve your weight loss goals by just using ajwain for weight loss and doing a small exercise of session daily, It’s a smart way actually…

Final Words:

Ajwain is not worked like weight loss pills that are supposed to be work instantly, I mean it will take some time to feel the change in your weight.So, At starting if you are not seeing any results keep taking it with your exercise session and soon you will see the clear weight loss results.

You can chew or drink ajwain water for weight loss or the cardio exercise session is the compulsory factor for achieving your fitness goals or seeing the ajwain benefits for weight loss.

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