Eat less meat where to start

Eat less meat
Written by Sohail

Eat less meat where to start

Eat less meat

Discover 9 tips to eat less meat every day and our ideas for tasty and gourmet vegetarian dishes.

It’s decided, you want to eat less meat. It must be said, the reasons for reducing its consumption of meat are many.

But often we do not know what to do or where to start. Should I buy fake meat? Lenses? Just a salad?

Do not panic. Becoming a flexitarian is not so complicated. Here are 9 ideas to advance step by step …

1. Consider habits

Changing one’s habits takes time. Starting small and moving forward gradually increases your chances of success.

If you often buy prepared meals, it may be worthwhile to continue buying ready-made meals, but without meat. Similarly, if you often eat sandwiches at lunch, it will be easier to choose meat-less fillings than to start preparing a picnic or change your address for lunch.

No need to spend overnight a classic menu meat + vegetables to a dish 100% vegan, local and seasonal. We are here to improve its diet, not to follow a strict diet that will be abandoned after two weeks!

2. Reduce the quantities

The meat consumption recommended for health is 75 to 100 g / day per person (depending on the sex, age and physical activity of each individual). That’s about 25% less than what we currently eat (121g / day).

First and foremost, the easiest way is to reduce the size of the meat portions:

  • choose smaller pieces (80g steak for example);
  • eat only one sausage and not two;
  • put less chopped in the sauce Bolognese;

 Establish a meatless day

Like Thursday veggie , why not put the same habit at home? It is not mandatory to do this on a Thursday. But planning a specific day in the week creates a new habit and avoids (too easily) postponing the meal without meat

We take advantage of this economy to favor Belgian meat and quality. For example an organic chicken or a beef tenderloin from a local breeder. Some addresses: coprosain , farmers-craftsmen , the GAC(groups of common purchase) or the guide of the bio in Brussels  or the list of the addresses bio in Wallonia. The site of the Belgian markets also allows to search on the key word “bio”.

3. Establish a meatless day

Like Thursday veggie , why not put the same habit at home? It is not mandatory to do this on a Thursday. But planning a specific day in the week creates a new habit and avoids (too easily) postponing the meal without meat.

4. Prepare more often the veggie dishes we already know

vegetable quiche

There are certainly vegetarian dishes that we prepare and enjoy. Probably without ever focusing on the lack of meat. We can start by preparing them more often.

Among the classics:

  • omelette;
  • an impressive amount of pasta recipes (3 cheeses, spicy tomato sauce, wild mushrooms, pesto …);
  • the gourmet mixed salad;
  • raclette, fondue (cheese);
  • vegetable quiche;
  • the risotto;
  • tomato-mozzarella;

5. Vegetalize what we like to eat

Rather than testing a new vegetarian recipe every day, it’s easier to plant what you already enjoy eating:

stuffed vegetables

  • Replace the chopped bolognese sauce with vegetable chopped.
  • Swap the pieces of bacon for sun-roasted sunflower seeds and deglazed with soy sauce (for the salty side to add to the preparation).
  • Try a hummus sandwich at noon, rather than the traditional ham-cheese.
  • Opt for ricotta-spinach lasagna, instead of lasagna bolognese.
  • Prepare (or order) a pizza without meat.
  • Make vegetables stuffed with rice and herbs rather than chopped.
  • Test Liège balls with rabbit sauce with tofu or seitan.

6. Avoid dishes where meat is not used for much

A chicken curry sandwich or a tuna mayonnaise taste especially the sauce that accompanies the meat. Better a good piece of chicken from time to time than eating what is sometimes put in the “salads” for sandwiches.

7. Replace the meat with something that looks like it

Veggie croquettes with a plate rich in vegetables

Every supermarket now has a nice selection of burgers, chopped or vegetarian nuggets. These meat substitutesare practical : the plate remains the same as usual, we just replace the piece of meat with a plant equivalent. It is therefore a good option for beginners or for days where there is little time.

However, avoid eating at all meals. Most of these are industrial products , whose nutritional quality is highly variable. They are often high in fat, salt and additives. Test-Achats has compiled a list of ” quality substitutes  ” and those that are ”  too fat, too salty, not nutritious enough  “.

8. Discover new foods

Vegetarian cuisine is very extensive and some cultures have a great tradition of vegetarianism. Why not get inspired? The Indian cuisine offers a multitude of variations on vegetable curry, dhal (or dal) lentils, chickpea fritters … If spices are part of the fun, nothing prevents assaying for his taste. And why not a “chili sin carne” or a tabouleh of quinoa?

The vegetarian plate is obviously generous in vegetables of all kinds. They are preferably local, seasonal and organic .

Added to the vegetables is a wide range of tasty ingredients , sometimes unknown. You can enjoy a meal to discover one or the other. Then, according to their preferences, we will combine them to compose delicious and varied vegetarian dishes:

  • cultivated vegetables, known or less known as pizzas, cardes, parsnips …
  • lactofermented vegetables and sprouted seeds
    Lentils in vegetarian salad

    Summer salad with lentils and sprouted seeds
  • wild plants: nettles, comfrey, hogweed, chickweed …
  • algae: sea lettuce, kelp, wakame …
  • mushrooms
  • fresh and dried fruits: apples, pears, apricots …
  • cereals: rice, wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat …
  • legumes: peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans and beans, soybeans …
  • oil seeds: sesame seeds, flax, squash or sunflower, chia … but also nuts, hazelnuts, olives …
  • herbs and herbs: curry, paprika, peppers, cumin, parsley, basil, oregano …
  • dairy products and eggs

The Internet is full of recipes to guide novices in their first preparations. Eat less meat is also discover new recipes to vary the pleasures!

9. Test a vegetarian restaurant

What’s easier than going directly to taste what vegetarians already do? What discover new flavors and a horizon far removed from the menu with the spring salad as the only alternative to meat.

  • Veggie’s menu of “veggie friendly” restaurants
  • 65 vegetarian addresses or with a good vegetarian choice in Wallonia and Brussels
  • Plant Vegetal Influence Tables

Go further: becoming vegetarian or vegan

Becoming a vegetarian takes a little more effort than being a flexitarian. But on the heels of “less meat,” we might be tempted to push the adventure further. Many people practice vegetarianism without any worries. It is difficult to be really deficient as an adult if you have a varied diet. But it will still be necessary to pay attention to the balance of meals.

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