How to Encourage The Love of Books for Children?

How to Encourage The Love of Books for Children?

Encourage love of books for children, Children Love Books

We must keep in mind that the love of books must be a legacy, so we must set an example for our children so that they also learn to love reading…

Love for books is a habit to be cultivated since children are young . That is why today we will discover some ways to encourage the love of books even before they can speak.

Reading stimulates imagination , creativity and allows us to acquire vocabulary, while at the same time improving the way we write.

Encouraging the love of books for children is not a very difficult thing to do, but some keys are needed that need to be carried out on a daily basis and where the parents will have a fundamental role.

Encouraging love of books is achieved by setting an example

We can not pretend to encourage the love of books to our children if we ourselves are not in the habit of reading. Remember that children imitate everything adults do .

If we find it difficult to read, we can start by doing as in many movies: reading a story before bed or at any other time of day.

This will bring us and children closer to books, becoming familiar with them and discovering them as something very fun.

For this to have the repercussion we want in the smallest of the house, it is essential that we start as soon as possible to encourage the love of books.

There are books suitable for children that have many illustrations and even dynamics that allow them to interact and to get more familiar with them.

However, let us remember that we ourselves must try to read, even a little more than usual.

If our children never see us with a book in their hands, how do we pretend that they do?

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Let the children choose

Parents sometimes want to have the singing voice as if only they could choose , know and determine what is best for their children.

However, why not ask them what they want? What book would you like to read this time? What title do you find most attractive?

We have to take into account their choice, because what we want is that the little ones are interested in reading and that having a book in their hands is not “rare.”

If the choice of children does not convince us, we can make a deal. One book we choose, the next the child, and so on.

This way, the children will be more motivated , because we do not forget that the reading has to be something pleasant.

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encourage love of books for children, Children Love Books

encourage love of books for children, Children Love Books

If the little ones do not read what they would really like, they will find reading as an imposition , so that, as soon as they can, they will not seek to have a book in their hands.

We do not want that reading has negative connotations for them , but quite the opposite. So … What if we start to take into account your wishes and requests?

The Importance of Creating a Habit

Creating habits is important especially in the moment of encouraging the love of books to children. But, also, to use this in other areas of our life.

We can read with the children before bed, after eating or at another time of day. The important thing is that this is done daily .

In this way, we will be able to encourage the love of books in an effective, fast way and we will get the little ones to learn the importance of creating habits .

Habits are nothing more than a way of organizing, of structuring every day and of all this giving long-term results.

We know that the sooner the better, so … Do we start now?

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