Five Best Weight Loss Drinks Easily Available in Pakistan

Five best weight loss drinks
Written by Sohail

Five Best Weight Loss Drinks Easily Available in Pakistan

Five best weight loss drinks

So, You are trying to Lose your extra weight ? It normally depends on what you are eating or drinking, Here are Five Best weight loss drinks that you can use to lose your extra weight or burn some more calories.

We have seen many people started following a strict diet plan but using Coke, Sprite, Creamy Coffee, Protein Shakes and other Soda products totally loaded with sugar which can increase their hunger and add extra calories to their body.

But If you are using these weight loss drinks with any super weight loss diet, then you are getting double benefits…your weight loss drinks are listed below with recipes.

Best Weight Loss Drinks Ever:

Ice Water:

Five best weight loss drinks

You may also know that drinking more water can surely boost your metabolism and helps you in losing weight but we are not actually doing it right.

Most of us think that whenever we are feeling thirsty we have to chug much water once and then do it again when feeling thirst…It’s actually not.

You have to continuously drink water after the break for some time and have to visit your washroom early then your actual routine.

When you are drinking Coldwater it means you are burning more calories because your body is doing more work for heating the cold water to match it with your body temperature.

Carrot Juice:

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice is known as the best weight loss drink because it contains very low calories and high in fibers that can help you in feeling less hunger and burn calories.


2 Glass Water
4 Washed and peeled carrots
2 Tea Spoon Lemon Juice
1 Inch Ginger

Putt all your ingredients into Juicer and mix it for 1-2 minute then add it into a glass and enjoy your carrot juice for healthy weight loss.

Lemon Water:

Lemon Water

You may already be heard that using hot water with lemon helps you in losing weight because it helps you in digesting your meals and boosts your metabolism for the long term after eating.

It is cleared that using lemon water not actually leads you to any direct weight loss but it will surely reduce the extra bloating that usually irritate us.

Research shows that if one is using lemon water right after waking up then you will be in better shape because it will boost your digestion and metabolism which are essential for any weight loss Plan.


2 Tea Spoon of Lemon Juice
1 Glass of warm Water
Add Lemon juice in your warm water glass and drink it daily at morning before having your breakfast for better digestion.

Black Coffee:

Black Coffee

Black coffee without adding Cream and much sugar can also help you in losing some weight because it is believed that after drinking coffee your desire of eating is slightly less than your actual routine.

It can also help in burning calories by heating up our body and boosting the metabolism but I am not suggesting you to overuse it, One cup daily without sugar is enough.

Keep in Mind:
Must add one cup of water, don’t add too much sugar and avoid using the cream for your coffee.Only adding little amount of sugar is good.

You can also use: Green Tea for Weight Loss

Start Drinking Skimmed Milk Instead:

Start Drinking Skimmed Milk Instead

If we are drinking milk then it’s good for health but using fat-free milk helps you in losing weight because it contains a high amount of calcium which controls our Calcitriol that basically helps us to gain fats.

Calcium can also reduce appetite and boost metabolism which helps you in burning more calories and you also end up eating less or feel less hunger than usual, So instead of using milk with fat it’s better to use skimmed one.

Wanna Lose some More Weight ? Bonus TIP:

Sure, these weight loss drinks are working fine for you to lose some weight but if you want to see the big results then these drinks alone are not going to help you or may take much time to show the results.

So, What you have to Do ?

These weight loss drinks are actually boosting your metabolism but if you want’s to see the big results you have to start doing a cardio exercise for at least 15-20 minutes daily, it’s maybe your favorite one like running, walking, jogging, cycling, rope-jumping.

In a Nutshell: When you are doing any of these cardio exercises for at least 15-20 minutes and taking your favorite weight loss drink then it will work like a charm and you can see the results clearly.

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