How Lose Belly Fat Fast ? and Quick Easy Ways

How Lose Belly Fat Fast ? and Quick Easy Ways
Written by Sohail

How Lose Belly Fat Fast ? and Quick Easy Ways

How Lose Belly Fat Fast ? and Quick Easy Ways

Who told you that I like my belly fat ??

These are the exact words answered by our friend when we are teasing him due to his bulky belly, I mean nobody likes the extra fat on their body and always wish to lose belly fat without eating less or doing hard exercise….

I understand that most of you guys already knows well that eating breakfast, skipping your dinner, doing exercise, leaving fast foods helps you in losing belly fat because it’s mostly the answer of your question when you ask for someone How to lose belly fat fast?

You may also feel irritated when you’re eating your favorite Mcdonald’s deal and someone advised you to stop eating this food and start some exercise, I also don’t like the advice when I am not in the mood of paying attention to their talkings…

So In this Article, Behind telling you the ways to lose belly fat I will also tell you how to use these ways to start or keep doing until you achieve your goal….Let’s Start….

Make Your Breakfast Exciting:

Healthy breakfast is compulsory if you’re trying to lose belly fat but most of us are missing this opportunity and eat lunch full with fats and carbs and thinks that we are skipping one meal….

Back in University, I was also attending lectures without doing breakfast but you know what I did for solving this problem? I designed my favorite breakfast plan for seven days and saved it in my smartphone so whenever I wake up I am excited to take that day special breakfast because I am only able to again eat that one after seven days if I was missing…

You may also design this on a blank page with colored pencils and hang it in your kitchen but smartphone idea is best, give it a try….
So, firstly maintain your breakfast routine believe me it will surely help you in losing weight and also makes you feel fresh while you’re at work….

Behave with Sugar like Enemy:

Soft drinks are a very common way to make your meal special these days but believe me our livers are not strong enough to metabolize the amount of this much sugar in our body and all turned into the fat.

Studies also show that the sugar mostly in the form of fructose can surely give you the more fat, So if you’re already trying to lose belly fat then please please start behaving with sugar like an enemy and try at least to leave the liquid sugar like soft drinks, fruit juices, and many other drinks.

If you are thinking about the sugar from the fruits or other natural resources then Don’t worry your liver is there to handle it but soft drinks and fruit juices are your worst enemies if you are fighting with fat…

Double the Protein Foods:

Whenever people ignore the difference between proteins and carbs they are actually going to gain more fat on their body. If you’re facing the fat problem it clearly means that you are eating calories or carbs more than proteins or might be not eating proteins at all….

You could need to eat more proteins because it will boost your metabolism and can also reduce the number of calories intake, In other words, it helps you in boosting your digestion system and keep you safe from the extra calories…

So, increase the amount of chicken, fish and seafood, beef, eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt in your diet because these are the top sources of adding more protein to your diet or you may also find some vegetable recipes loaded with more protein.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits:

Your body is gaining more weight or fat whenever your digestion system failed in front of your diet because our digestion system is only trained to process the natural foods.So, if you try to increase the load on your system with some foods full with carbs you are surely going to gain more and more fat.

Mostly vegetables and fruits are totally loaded with fiber and studies show that eating fiber can surely help you in reducing belly fat more quickly and obviously natural foods are easy enough to digest…
Behind Vegetables and fruits, you may also need to find the sources where from you get the good amount of fiber in order to see the faster results…

Start a Routine of Aerobic/Cardio Excercise:

Starting an exercise routine is the most difficult job due to our busy routines as most of us thinks that it is a big assignment we have to complete every day, It’s actually not.

If you just want’s to lose your belly fat then you don’t have to run for 2 hours or start doing any hard workout at nearby GYM, In fact, it’s a big mistake most of the people DO when they want’s to start a workout routine.

They actually start doing hard workouts from very first day and end up after some days saying that it’s not matching with my daily routine, Most of the time reason behind this is getting much tired and feeling irritated.

Here is the Solution, After deciding your favorite aerobic exercise (Walking, Running, Swimming, Jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling) you have to do it for only 15-20 minutes daily at beginning.Even it’s not a bad deal that you are losing your belly fat slightly with only 20 minutes of exercise and also getting other health benefits.

After maintaining your routine for 20 minutes cardio exercise daily, Now it’s your decision that if you want’s to lose belly fat quickly then increase the duration of your time or if you are already satisfied with your fat loss then keep doing it for 20-25 minutes.

Studies show that People doing aerobic exercises at daily basis even for a short time are losing belly fat easily and it will also prevent them from regaining extra fats even they are eating high calories diet sometimes in a week.


I hope you have got the answer to your question how to lose belly fat fast because these are the possible easy solutions that you can apply just by a minor focus on your routines.

So, you have to take your breakfast daily, leave the soft drinks as early as possible and try using some weight loss drinks, eat foods only having much protein or natural one’s and start your aerobic exercise routine as early as possible for seeing the results more quickly.

What have you done for losing your belly fat? I will be happy to read your methods in the comments section……….

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