How to Lose Weight by Walking daily ?

How to Lose Weight by Walking daily
Written by Sohail

How to Lose Weight by Walking daily ?

How to Lose Weight by Walking daily

Is weight loss is possible with just walking in you nearest park? Yes, it is, But if you are doing it in a right way otherwise it will have less or maybe no effect on your weight.

When it comes to weight loss the first thing experts suggest is changing your diet to some low-calories food which is very easy to follow and the second thing is doing a little session of cardio exercise and walking is one of them.

No Doubt, walking for weight loss really helps you in burning more calories and losing your extra weight but here is the right way you can use to burn even more calories by just walking.

Start Eating Natural Foods:

As I already mentioned above that the first and easy method to lose weight is making minor changes in your diet plan, Let’s say you are eating foods full with calories and trying to lose weight by walking.The results will be disappointing…

Because walking is a low-intensity cardio exercise which is not going to burn the high amount of calories, So if you’re trying to lose weight by walking then make sure you are eating natural foods only.

Which Natural Foods? You’re saying:

When I am saying natural foods it means food from the earth, natural food grows up for humans such as vegetables and fruits.It never includes your favorite Mcdonald’s deal or spicy biryani cooked at your home every Sunday.

So, when you are only eating vegetables cooked in less oil and fruits whenever you feeling hungry believe me or not you are already on the way of losing a good amount of weight.

But How Natural Foods help you in Losing weight?

Studies show that our digestion system is designed to digest the natural foods only.So, when you are eating high calories food like Pizzas, Burgers, Shawarmas, Fried chicken etc…Your digestion system simply gives’s up and your body end’s up with gaining extra fat or weight.

But when you are eating natural foods only, Your body is trained enough for digesting these kinds of meals and you are not going to gain any extra fats now and obviously start losing weight when doing some physical activities.

Stop Eating and Drinking Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweet products are one’s which are made in factories and totally loaded with sugar like soft drinks, cakes, donuts and many other sweet products.When you eat or drink these sweeteners in between your meals you will feel more hunger and gain more calories.

I know it’s not that easy to stop using these products because now it’s the part of our daily eating routines.So, it’s better to stop eating or drinking these sweeteners slowly instead of making a ban from very first day.

Benefits of leaving these sweet products:

When you are not using these artificial sweeteners you’ll feel less hunger and also gain fewer calories and will see the major change in your weight loss progress because these tiny products are secretly helping you losing weight without letting you know….

If you are going to stop using these products, Feel free to eat or drink natural sweeteners like fruits, fruit juices, lemon water, green tea without sugar or your normal tea without adding sugar in it.I am sure, it will help you in stop using these products and you’ll no more feel the need of these products while using the natural ones.

Start with Little Walking Session:

It looks like walking is your favorite cardio exercise but when you are walking to lose weight then at starting you don’t need to walk for 13-15 Kilometers because it may lead you to major tiredness and ON next day you’ll never go for it.

So, At starting it’s perfect to walk for 15-20 minutes daily But after 7-8 days when you came into the routine of daily walking for weight loss increase your session for some time and then after some days keep increasing the minor session time.

If you start and increase the session time slowly then the day is not far when you came home after completing your round of 8-10 Kilometers and losing weight by walking happily.

Don’t compromise with your Walking Routine:

If you are trying to achieve the goal of major weight loss by walking then a daily routine is your best friend.Sure, there are some important tasks you have to do at that time of your walking session then instead of skipping your session go for at least half-time but don’t kick it.

Studies show that people doing cardio exercise daily are more likely to lose weight even they are doing it for less time, So you have to keep yourself motivated enough for going to walk daily no matter What’s ON…You are just going for it

Drink Some Weight Loss Drinks after your Session:

Walking is a low intensity and easy exercise but if you are working smarter then you are easily able to increase its effect on your body by eating low-calories diet or using best weight loss drinks.

Studies show that people drinking green tea (without adding sugar), weight loss drinks and eating low calories diet after any exercise are losing more weight than people eating their favorite foods and using soft drinks after their session of exercise, So why not working smarter than Harder?

BE Motivated for Achieving Weight Loss by Walking:

No Doubt, at starting you are not going to see any big results so instead of fedding-up keep walking and eating natural foods for forcing your body to lose weight.

Whenever you are feeling less motivated, think it in this way you are not going to lose that much weight without any workout routine and this is the easiest exercise available on the Planet, So keep doing it until you start seeing your first results.


If you’re trying to lose weight by walking then be clear that walking alone never going to help you in achieving any major results, you have to change your diet plans with natural foods and start drinking weight loss drinks instead of drinks full with sugar.

So, when you are eating natural foods it means you are not gaining any extra weight now and now doing low-intensity exercise such as walking for weight loss surely burning your extra calories and drinking weight loss drinks mentioned above surely going to increase the effect of your walking session.

What’re your methods for losing weight by walking? I will be happy to read your methods in the comments section………

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