How to Lose Weight Naturally in a week

How to Lose Weight Naturally in one week
Written by Sohail

How to Lose Weight Naturally in a week

How to Lose Weight Naturally in one week

Please stop thinking that only doing a hard workout or being hungry can help you in losing weight when you are able to lose weight with natural diet and small exercise of session daily, Simply read the plan given below and get the answer to your question how to lose weight in one Week.

I know it sounds like an Ad you have recently seen on the television or may be on the internet for selling their Paid weight loss pills and supplements.It’s not, it actually works.It’s helped many people in achieving their weight loss goals.

Why Can You Believe that it will work?

You know, why you are gaining weight? Because your body is not smart enough like your taste …I mean the food you are taking is actually not processed by your digestion system and all turns to fat, So here I am going to suggest you the weight loss foods that your body is trained to process without any workout…

If your taken food is being handled with your digestion system in the right manner and you are doing cardio exercise, it means you are forcing your body to burn the extra fat.This is actually the plan that I am going to share with you and we all know that eating natural foods and doing small exercise can never hurt our body dimensions…isn’t it?

Sure, people already following some diet plan and doing a workout at the gym but never losing weight.The possible reason behind this is that they may not follow the complete plans or not consistent with the needed routine.Well, it also varies from body to body that some start losing from 1st day and others start getting results after some days of working…..

So you have to be patient and consistent while you are following this lose weight in 7 days plan because I am not suggesting you any weight loss supplements that you can see results anyways, I am only going to suggest you the food that you can easily get near from your home and exercise that you can perform at home or office without any types of equipment.

How to Lose weight in one Week:

If you are ready to follow this “how to lose weight in a week” plan then firstly take a day or two to make your mind that you are not going to take any other food that is not included in this plan, Still not if it’s cooked by your favorite chef in your family or offered by your best mate in the cafeteria.

If you don’t wanna to use the line “I’m on Diet”, then create any other but never get attracted by high-calories foods and say to yourself that “I’ve already gained many extra calories”.

Additionally, You will also feel healthy and full after the intake of this food and please never ever stay hungry while following this plan “Guiding you how to lose weight in 7 Days”…Let’s Begin

Eat Low Carb Foods:

We already heard this trillion of times that eating low carb foods helps us in losing weight but personally when I implemented this believe me the results are much more than my expectations because it helps me in eating less or feeling less hunger…here’s how

Sugar and starch increase your hunger and also the increase of calories intake, On the other hand, low-carb diet decreasing your hunger and helps you in burning more calories when you are sleeping.When you are on a diet plan or trying to lose weight then your main purpose is to eat fewer calories that are easy to burn…..In this case, Low-carb diet is your best friend

Long story short, Low-carb diet actually helps you in eating less or feeling less hunger and studies also shows that low-carb diet burns 300 more calories when you are resting…

Avoid Sugar as much you CAN:

Imagine a scenario that you are on a low-carb diet and continuously losing weight without any hard exercise and then you decided to eat cream cake on your friend’s birthday.Maybe, it will increase your sugar level and again you are not feeling comfortable with your diet..yes I mean you can feel more hunger and then eat more.

I only mean to say this is that when most of the people following any diet plan and getting better results, they start eating food that is not good for their health as they think that we are already following diet plans and then most of them start claiming the diet plans that it’s not actually working for me…

Let’s come to the point, If you are missing your favorite foods for the sake of weight loss and eating low-carb foods with the use of much water but never stop eating sugar believe me all your sacrifice will go in Vain….

So, Stop eating products loaded with sugar especially Soft drinks, Candies, Cookies, Cakes, James, Spreads, sauces, Ice creams.

If your aim is to eat the sweet products then why not you are eating natural foods like carrots, Sweet potatoes, Berries, Apples, Almonds, coconut etc….Sure some of these have many calories but don’t forget our comparison is with high sugar products.

Use Only Real Foods:

Well, you may be thinking that you came here for your new diet plan and I am only advising you like your parents what to eat or what to leave…..it’s actually not,

Actually it’s very easy for me to share some list of low-carb diets and close the discussion but I also want’s to realise you that why and how this routine will actually help you in losing weight and you also need to be motivated enough for following this plan because I know it’s not that easy to shift your eating habits with real or low-carb foods…

Now, you also need to understand that the low-carb foods present in the market is actually a scam and even contain more calories than you think, It’s a bitter truth that some companies doing this for the sake of money.Please don’t get attracted from those companies offering you low-carb bread, pasta, ice creams until you are not sure.Instead of buying food from the market you need to eat the real foods like…

Low-Carb Vegetables:

It is believed that the vegetables grown above the ground are low-carb vegetables and others growing down the ground are high-carb Vegetables.

It is safe to eat Spinach, Peeper green, Broccoli, Avocado, Lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, olives, eggplant, cauliflower while you’re on a low-carb diet plan and trying to lose weight in a week.

Low-Carb Fruits:

Almost all the fruits are good for your health but these ones have low carb as compared to others…Raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, apple, orange, peach.

You can also use our Pakistani weight Loss diet Plan

Never Stay Hungry:

As I already told you that staying hungry is not the solution at all, So when you are on this low carb diet then please never think like “If I can eat less food, results will be faster” because you are already eating low-carb diet and using less fat but still if you are not eating it may cause you starvation.

When you are skipping fat and carbs in your diet, It will give you more hunger so eat enough until you feel satisfied with your diet, But if you are not feeling satisfied with eating vegetables and fruit recipes then feel free to use natural fat for satisfying your hunger like butter, meat, eggs, coconut oil etc.

That also never means you have to eat some snacks when you are even not feeling hungry, You have to plan your diet for 2 or 3 times a day containing low-carb foods and never have to eat before the time of lunch or dinner or have to avoid snacks as much as possible in order to see better results.

Start Smart Exercise Plan:

No Doubt, exercise is the best way to lose weight as most of the people start losing weight with hard workouts without changing their diet plans, yes without leaving their favorite foods but they do workouts daily at their gym for couple of hours in order to burn the extra calories and also for maintaining their body shape.

But if you are taking Low-carb diet then your body is already losing weight happily and slowly, So if you start doing small exercise at home or go out for a walk It will surely accelerate your weight loss process and now you are losing weight more fastly, so why not working smarter instead of harder ??

So, which exercises are best for you…you are saying ? Here we Go.

Cardio Exercises:

Cardio exercise is considered as the best weight loss exercise around the Globe because it’s very easy to do and obviously burning more calories, It includes Power walking, Jogging, swimming, Running, cycling, skipping, dancing…You have to select any one of them you like the most and start your routine.

Once you have started your routine then simply stick to it and remember you have to feel tired daily. For Example, if you are running 1KM at the start then after some days your body will automatically adjust with running 1KM so for being tired you have to run 1.5KM or 2.In other words you have to increase the session of your exercise with the passage of time for smooth results obviously.

Tip: In the beginning do at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily if possible without taking rest..Otherwise, take small rest instead of doing it wrong

Don’t Like Cardio Exercise?

It’s okay If you don’t like cardio exercise or want’s to do any other exercise while following this diet plan like some people joins gym others start lifting weight at home…In fact, it’s best if you start your own favorite exercise because our aim is to burn calories whether you are running outside the home or showing your love with dumbells.
But you have to do your favorite exercise until you feel tired in order to see fast results.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Well, If you are eating low carb foods, Avoiding sugar, using only real foods and doing smart exercise daily Believe me it’s not difficult for you to lose weight in a week with this routine, So what are you waiting for? I know starting off everything is difficult and you need the bundle of motivation to start So, whenever you feel you are losing motivation come here and fill yourself with motivation in order to achieve your fitness Goals.

Did you get the answer to your question “how to lose weight in a Week ”?, Let me know in the comments section below……….

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