How to Lose Weight Without Exercise, Paleo Diet plan!

Written by Sohail

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise, Paleo Diet plan!


Who want’s to leave their favorite foods?

Before we start, I want to let u know that I am not suggesting you to stop exercising. In fact, exercise is something you should try to do every day.You also need to understand that if you wanna to lose weight early then exercise works like Icing on the cake, But 90% of your weight problem directly links to your food.

So we’re gonna to discuss the benefits and loss of your diet, Like always if I am probably missing something then please don’t forget to share it in the comments.

Eat Some Real Diet:

When you are trying to lose weight without exercise then most of the Books and websites already made it crystal clear that you only have to eat the “Paleo Diet”, but if you’re hearing this word from me then here is it’s concept.

“A diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food”

Long story short, this would work because you’re genetically strong enough to digest this food and thrive on this real food.

Stop Thinking that Fast Food is Good:

You are surely using Rice, Bread, Pasta, waffles, bagel, chips, doughnuts etc in your diet but I am sure enough to tell you that they’re the cause of 98% of the people’s weight problem.I am not advising you to stop eating this kind of food but I am only realizing you that this is probably the major reason for weight problems WHY?

Here’s your answer:

Sugar and Refined Carbs are not accessible by our bodies for proper processing, that’s why to cause this kind of problems. If you wanna to know the details why this food is not fit with our bodies then here is an Article by Elaine Magee.

So We did an Experiment:

Yeah, I am sure this will work for you too because we applied Paleo Diet on one of our friend’s Diet facing weight problems and he’s looking for the solution too.

After 2 months of using Paleo Diet (while also eating a few fast foods), his body fat percentage dropped from 15% down to 9%.This is a good change while he’s still changing his taste with his favorite doughnuts…

I also suggest you to give Paleo Diet a try and it will surely bring positive change in your body fat problem If you’re a Beginner then this Paleo Diet Guide will help you out.

Beverages are only Increasing your Problem:

Juice, Soda, Beer etc also playing a vital role in increasing your weight problem, So avoid using these as much as possible, If not then only consider drinking some beer while PARTY is ON…But if you’re already avoiding beer then it’s good.

Because these are all loaded with dangerous amount of sugar which immediately turns to fat on your system, You also need to understand that diet drinks are also not solving your problems….Only drink water as much as possible so it will make your system working properly and might increase your walk to the bathroom.

Don’t Wanna to Change your Diet:

It’s okay if you don’t wanna to change your food but it is very easy to understand that if you wanna to lose weight then all you have to do is burn the calories more than you Eat.

People still handling the weight problems while they’re eating their favorite foods but they also never stop doing exercise, going to gym for burning all those extra calories, which is obviously time-consuming but actually working method.

If I am there at your place then I simply don’t have enough time in my routine to waste those calories earned by rich calories food as I am a software engineer spending hours to complete my work, so why not following easy way instead of harder.

Simply take some real food then get 20 minutes exercise and then enjoy the rest of your day without facing any weight problems…But the choice is you’rs as I am not providing you with some headings/tips for losing fat instantly like others did.

Now It’s Your Turn:

I am not forcing you to eat vegetables only as I am not your instructor I know you are a wise individual and can make the choice for yourself.

I am only trying to convey you that if you want’s to loose weight without doing hard exercise, you only need to get your diet under control, and this is the coolest way to reach there.The more you can make changes in your diet with the solutions listed above the more you’ll get closer to your desired weight.

Didn’t you still fed-up from that kind of food? I think now Paleo Diet is a good recipe for you to try:

I know this is much easier to say instead of applying but believe me it’s totally the game of your will power, I was also facing problems while switching my diet due to some health issues.

But if you’re not strong enough to left your favorite food but wanna to and expecting a good change in future then I’m here to motivate you with my best possible. Don’t Forget to join Our Community for being update with Spicy Stuff.

I am happy to hear how you decided to left eating carbs? Maintain Excercise Routine or start using water instead of Beverages filled with Sugar??Meet you in Comments……….

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