If we packed slices of watermelon to sell them

If we packed slices of watermelon to sell them
Written by Sohail

If we packed slices of watermelon to sell them

If we packed slices of watermelon to sell them

We did not have enough with apple quarters and pre-peeled mandarins. Here are the pieces of watermelons overpackaged.

Marry the healthy side of the fruit or vegetable with the snack side, easy to eat and take away, the idea is commendable. But the result, sometimes well beside the plate. As with these beautiful slices of watermelon over wrapped.

We had already seen the apple quarters, then peeled mandarins and finally peeled bananas , all sold in bags or trays. Now is the time for the pre-sliced ​​watermelon.

But why on earth want to pre-rip or prepelate fruit? Because it’s easier to nibble. In a world where there is no time for anything, taking the time to eat has apparently become a luxury. We must therefore prepel and pretreat. We are also actively looking for foresters for future developments.

Consequence inevitable pre-slicing: packaging. As we remove the biodegradable packaging and 100% natural present by default (we call it the skin), it is imperative to pack the fruit prepelé in, to choose, a plastic keyboard, a bag or a tray of frigolite.

The ideal is even to pack the fruit as an individual portion. Logic: the idea is to offer a snack and in general, a snack, it is done to be eaten quickly on the move. Otherwise it turns pretty quickly in biological experiment multicolored (and often hairy).

And it’s getting bought? We do not know. In any case, it sells.

And it is expensive: more than 5 € per kilo in the case of the individual portion of watermelon pruned.

To choose, I prefer to buy organic cherry tomatoes in bulk. It’s cheaper, it does not waste and it’s healthier. And it is naturally portioned. We even have the choice of colors. And if you prefer a fruit, an apple – it’s seasonal – and eat easily. A mandarin too.

And if you prefer watermelon, as much take a whole or a half. We have a lot more for the same price as 400g of slices packed in a plastic keyboard, we will have to throw in a bag we will have to pay (double penalty!). And with the help of a special Cutting Technology © tool (we call it a kitchen knife), we can even make slices of it

End of the end, with a multi-purpose storage device ™ (we call it a tuperewoire), you can even take with you the slices (or cubes, each trip) of watermelon at the office, at school or at school. anywhere. It’s up to you.

In short, a watermelon, a knife, a container vaguely waterproof and hop, we have better for less. With all that is saved by not buying prepackaged, we quickly offer a great box of sandwiches in stainless steel that will follow us everywhere for a long time.


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