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Model Komal Khan Attacked by House Owner

Model Komal Khan Attacked by House Owner
Written by Zees

Model Komal Khan Attacked by House Owner

KARACHI: Model Komal Aziz has filed a complaint against her flat owner for allegedly attacking her a week ago. 

According to details of the complaint filed by Komal Aziz at Darakhshan police station, the flat owner had allegedly attacked her a week ago.

Komal accused the flat owner of attacking her as he did want the model to move out of the residence.

“The landlord is a feudal lord who threatens and beats up everyone,” she said.

Komal Aziz stated that she and her family had moved out of the flat. When she came back to return the key of the apartment, Komal alleged that her landlord asked her to pay all previous CBC bills.

“We refused to pay the bills since we were living in this apartment since a year hence it was not binding on us,” she said. “However, he started beating my uncle up and also thrashed my sister,” she added.

The model said that all residents of Florida Homes, where the incident took place, feared the landlord since he was influential.


Originally Published on Samaa TV

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