Use Green Tea for Weight Loss and get Fast Results

Use Green Tea for Weight Loss and get Fast Results
Written by Sohail

Use Green Tea for Weight Loss and get Fast Results

Use Green Tea for Weight Loss and get Fast Results

No Doubt, Green Tea is good for losing some weight but if you are using it in a wrong way It may result in several health problems.

We have to clear our concept that “Drinking more cups of green tea can help us in losing more weight fastly”, It’s actually not.Green tea is loaded with potential antioxidants which can surely burn your body fat but you are not going to achieve any big weight loss goals with green tea alone.

How Green Tea helps you in Losing Weight ?

Green Tea contains catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of the working substance presents in it which can boost your metabolism and promote fat oxidation, that’s why green tea is known as one of the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Green Tea also has accurate amount of Caffeine which can help you in reducing body weight, burning more fat and can also increase your cardio exercise performance.

Studies show that Caffeine along with EGCG effects synergistically which can boost your metabolism in a way that your body starts breaking down extra fat.

How many Cups of Green Tea are Safe to Drink ?

It’s normal that when people suddenly heard about weight loss products they start using it in the excessive amount for fastest results which may not suitable for their health and end’s up with negative effects on their Body, as I mentioned it at the start…

Same matter is here If you started using too much green tea at daily basis it may lead you to several health issues like insomnia, anxiety, upset stomach and restlessness as it contains bit higher amount of caffeine.

So, For having an acceptable amount of EGCG and Caffeine (Present in Green Tea) for weight loss you only have to drink 3-4 cups not mugs of green tea which can boost your metabolism and start burning your belly fat with the passage of time without any fear of side effects.

How to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss ?

As I told you before that If you are not using green tea for weight loss in a right way then it may never lead you to any major weight loss because working smart is always the key.

When you are making your green tea: Never go for adding sugar or honey to it because it may lead you to gain some more calories instead of burning your already gained fat, Simply made it with using hot water only.

The best timings for drinking your green tea for boosting metabolism are before 1-2 hours of breakfast or with breakfast, 1 cup after your lunch and one additional cup at evening or night.

You also have to take care of your diet as it’s not going to work if you are eating fast foods loaded with high calories and then drinking green tea for weight loss, It’s like you are burning old calories and gaining some fresh ones.

I mean if you want’s to see the major results in weight loss then it’s better to eat low-calories diet, it’s may be your favorite vegetables, fruits or any other foods from earth or you can start following a weight loss diet plan then drinking green tea for weight loss really worth it and you can surely see the results faster.

Green Tea Results Faster with Workouts:

Studies show that substances present in green tea send a message to your fat cells for breaking down fat and your fat now present in the bloodstream and available as an energy that you can use for your workouts and burn those extra fats.

When you start doing a small session of cardio exercise or any other at the gym after drinking your green tea then it means you are forcing your body to lose more calories and green tea will also increase your energy of doing any workout and you can lose more fats than exercising usually after your meal.

So, If you want’s to see the major results or even more faster results then I will suggest you start an exercise routine for at least 25-30 minutes daily while using green tea for weight loss or eating low calories diet.

Which Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss ?

When you are in the grocery store for buying green tea choose the organic one which is also a product of well-known brand because most of the local companies are selling brewed tea’s which are not rich in benefits.

You need the caffeinated organic green tea that you may confirm by reading it’s label or by asking from the store counter, Again I am saying that do not add any sugar or honey (people normally add in tea) in your green tea while making it in your kitchen.

In Pakistan, I was using Lipton green tea for weight loss and also suggest you this one if you belong from my Country.


Green Tea can help you in boosting your metabolism but when it comes to major weight loss then this product alone will never gonna help you.

So, If you want’s to see the big results then also set a small exercise routine daily and start taking a low calories diet and avoid drinks loaded with sugar especially soft drinks and keep using the green tea for weight loss.

Hope, It will help you in losing some more weight and keep you motivated when you start seeing the results.If any questions arose in your mind feel free to comment below I will be happy to motivate you.

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