Weight Loss Method’s Methi Dana

Weight Loss Method's Methi Dana
Written by Sohail

Weight Loss Method’s Methi Dana

Weight Loss Method's Methi Dana


Methi Dana is commonly used in Pakistan and India for adding low amount in our recipes for increasing the taste of our foods, It is also widely used herb due to its special medical properties such as treating with Diabetes, reducing Inflammation and for increasing breast milk in new mothers, you can also use Methi dana for weight loss.

If you are also struggling with weight loss in Urdu then you understands that we have to do a lot of things for weight loss because it’s not that easy to lose some weight without doing hard exercises or leave eating our favorite foods, I was also thinking the same that it’s even not possible.

Methi Dana for Weight Loss in Urdu (Audio):

But, If you can maintain your diet to some low calories and use the home remedies like methi dana for weight loss and just do a small session of cycling or running daily then it’s not that difficult to lose some extra weight.

It also never means that you have to keep eating foods full with calories and then using methi seeds for weight loss and waiting for some kind of results that’s not even going to display due to your bad eating habits, because fenugreek can only help you in feeling full so you could never eat much for gaining fats.

Why Methi Dana can Help you in Weight Loss:

Methi seeds work for weight loss because there is a rich polysaccharide content also famous as galactomannan present in its seeds.Galactomannan is beneficial for reducing plasma level of insulin, glycemic response and overall helps to reduce abdominal fats.

This component is also extracted to create some food supplements that helps in losing weight but you could actually get the pure form of this component from fenugreek.

It also helps you in feeling full so that you never eat extra food and it’s the very helpful feeling for one trying to lose weight without facing hunger.

In this way, Methi seeds help you in losing weight by decreasing your hunger, preventing you from gaining extra calories, helps in losing some extra calories.

How to USE Methi Dana for Weight Loss:

There are many methods of Intaking methi seeds for weight loss, Select one from the following methods which suit you best and keep using daily while eating low-calories food and doing running or cycling daily for burning some extra calories.

Methi Dana Powder: Take some seeds of methi and heat them in a Pan over a slow flame and keep heating until it’s color changed to dark brown. Allow them to cool and then grind them in a grinder for getting a fine powder, Use this powder in your dishes plates for consuming it with your meal.

1: You can also add that methi dana powder in Yogurt at morning or evening after your dinner for better digestion and lose some weight.
2:  You can also add the powder to warm water and drink it in every morning at empty stomach for better effect.

Chew Methi Dana Seeds: Another method of intaking it is chewing some seeds at the morning for boosting your digestion system and decreasing the hunger in the morning at empty stomach can also have the same effect as methi dana powder.

Session of Cycling or Running:

When you are trying your best to get maximum methi dana benefits for weight loss, I am also giving you a healthy task of running or cycling daily just for 15-20 minutes that’s very easy to done before your breakfast or after your dinner at your nearest park or possibly the ground.

Every time you are struggling for weight loss experts suggest you for start heavy workouts which are not that easy to take a start, Simply start running for 15 minutes daily and then come back to home for sleeping at night or for going to work at morning.

It will not only increase your digestion but also burns the extra calories you have gained before but it’s best if you run daily at morning for 15 minutes and then have your sip of methi dana for weight loss.


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