Working Belly Loss Tips in 20 Days

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Working Belly Loss Tips in 20 Days


So You are looking for Belly Loss tips in 20 Days in Urdu ? I have a Plan of 20 days that will surely help you in Losing belly fat fast.

Everyone thinks that it’s impossible to start losing belly fat in 20 days because It takes much time and work to lose some fat, But believe me if you can work smartly then it’s very easy to start losing extra fats…

Here’s How !!!

The clear formula of losing fat is that you are not gaining any extra calories and burning the old calories.But most of the people tells you that start doing hard exercise and “Be on Diet”which sounds very boring thing to do …Right ?

But If you are doing the same thing in an exciting way with a proper routine which I say “Smart Work” then you are going to achieve your desired results in very less time.

Now, The actual goal of this 20 days belly loss Plan is to Stop you from eating more calories and then burn the old fats with belly loss exercises.

Belly Loss Tips in 20 Days (Audio):

First 5 Days Plan:

In Your first 5 Days of Belly Loss Tips plan, You just have to stop eating foods from the market and other you thinks that filled with Oil or sugar like some common examples here are Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, Shawarma, Paratha Roll, Biryani etc…

Also stop eating the everything you are buying from Market and start eating from your Home Cook.

So, In the first 5 days, your diet plan is that easy: YOU just have to EAT Vegetables in your Meals and nothing else, It clearly means nothing else just Lunch and Dinner with your favorite vegetables.

In Breakfast, You can eat Bread, Eggs, Tea, Sandwich, Fresh Juice but no Parathas.

Next 5 Days Plan:

In Your next 5 days, you Just have to follow the above diet Plan which includes vegetables and fruits for snacks when you are feeling hungry but you don’t have any space for those fast foods which are full with oil and obviously Calories.

Well, Right on the 6th day (If you are following the above Diet) Start doing Cardio exercise(Running, Walking, Cycling, Rope Jumping) that you can select your favorite one from these and do daily for 25-30 minutes.

Again I am saying that you don’t have any other choice: Just eat vegetables and start exercise for 20-25 minutes.

Next 5 Days Plan:

So, Now it’s almost 10 days that you are just eating vegetables with 1 Roti every time and eating fruits in between the meals and also doing cardio exercise for 20-25 minutes daily.Now it’s time to increase the exercise session.

Start a specific belly exercise Like Sit-ups, Ab crunch, Ab Roller that you can find here.

Last 5 Days Plan:

You also needs to know that Vegetables are low-calories diet which you can easily digest without any exercise, So It clearly means that from last 15 days you are not eating any extra calories and burning the old fats with your exercise.Now it’s the right time to burn more because your body now can do hard exercises.

But at this time you can just increase the low amount of your diet from 1 roti to 2 because you are going to do some hard exercises which require more energy.

The Plan will be the same but you have to do cardio exercise at Morning before breakfast and belly exercises mentioned above at night before taking your dinner but if you could not able to wake up at morning then simply do it at evening and after 3-4 hours do your belly exercises: But I suggest you to do cardio session at morning.

Bonus Belly Loss Tips:

1: Drink double water for keeping your body hydrated (Increase from 8 Glass to 12), It will also help you in eating less and feels full.

2: Never stay hungry for a long time and eat your meal on time.

3: Never eat out of the Plan things.

4: Eat fruits whenever feel hungry between before meals.

5: Never use soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Fanta etc) or other Soda Products, Also the sweet products that are not natural like Barfi, Falooda etc.

Final Words:

Before You Go, Let me tell you that this Plan is already working for many of us and you are also able to get the perfect results from it, But after 20 days of following this Plan if you haven’t seen any big results then don’t be worried.

Because our bodies are different so it takes different time on different bodies, Keep following the plan I am sure you can see the enough result in 20 days for keep following this Plan.

But for seeing the Big results you have to follow this plan for some time If you don’t want to see the bulky belly again.I am just saying that don’t be demotivated if you never saw the results and keep following it because soon you will see the perfect results but if you stop then you have to follow it again from the start and your body will never allow.

A bulky belly is a big problem then why not start doing work for it, I believe that this is a smart plan and anybody can follow this easily.Smart people never only research but also apply the research on their lives I also hope that you are going to follow this and soon let me know about the surprising results.

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